Who We Are

Proxy Investment Limited is A one-stop place for quality medical and pharmacy supplies delivered promptly.

Our Products and Services

  • Pharmaceutical drugs and supplies
  • Surgical devices and equipment
  • Orthopedic devices and equipment
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Laboratory reagents and devices
  • Home healthcare supplies
  • Medical sundries
  • Non-medical sundries used in healthcare facilities

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    Our mission

    Quick deliveries of emergency medical and pharmacy supplies to healthcare facilities.

    Our vision

    To be the first choice for delivery of quality healthcare products where they are needed swiftly globally.

    Our goals include


    Our values are….

    • Integrity. Acting with strong ethics is a priority for everyone representing the organization as well as the company's behavior as a whole.
    • Honesty. It's not just the best policy. ...
    • Accountability keeps us productive and dedicated to our clients
    • Promise to Customers keeps motivated to strive for the best service
    • Teamwork ensures we are quick, dynamic and focused